India’s Ada compliant websites get some love in Google News

India’s Ada compliant websites get some love in Google News

By Adriana VickersSource: Adriani|Aurora/Digital Trends|January 18, 2018 13:09:49When it comes to the latest in India-based ad tech, a number of prominent brands have made their mark in the search engine’s index.

However, the Ada-compliant websites have also found themselves at the forefront of the debate, with some brands finding themselves at odds with the rest of the industry.

A large number of the top-performing Ada sites were found to have violated the adblocker-friendly standards, while some others had also violated the standard by having a high number of “ad-friendly” ads.

For instance, the largest-selling Ada brand in India, The National, is ranked number two in Google’s index for the year, having a total of 10,000 ad-friendly ads, according to data from Searchmetrics, a data analysis and research company.

This means that almost half of the total ad-saturated pages on its site were found ad-blocking compliant.

This is despite the fact that The National’s website was found to be ad-free by the Adblock Plus software, which Google’s own search engine, Google Search, uses to automatically block ad-serving sites.

Google also reported that The Nation had 6,500 ad-block-friendly pages in India.

Another major Indian brand, Bollywood film house Bollywood Blockbusters, has also been the subject of some controversy in recent months.

The studio, which has been heavily criticised for its alleged attempts to profit from the country’s burgeoning porn industry, has been the target of an ad campaign by one of India’s most well-known porn stars, Pornstar Vashishtha Gopalkrishna.

A group of top Indian porn stars including former porn actress Vashy Kapoor, and the actress Vasant Varma, who also appeared in Bollywood films, wrote a letter to Bollywood’s parent company, Paramount Pictures, in which they alleged that Bollywood had been using their films to fund porn films, including some of their own.

While Bollywood has defended the content of its films, which they say are protected under copyright laws, a group of Bollywood porn stars and others have slammed the studio, saying that it had “harassed” their reputations and had damaged the reputation of the Indian industry.

In a blog post on its website, The Bollywood Movie Group, which owns Bollywood blockbusters such as Bajrangi Bhaijaan and The Bajangi Bhayna, said it was the studio’s responsibility to uphold the ad-quality standards, and that the movie studio had not complied with those standards.

“This is the first time that a film studio has been caught violating the rules of Ada compliance, and it is also the first case where it is being taken seriously by the industry,” the blog post said.

“The content of these films, in the eyes of the majority of users, are not in keeping with the expectations of the movie-goers and the Bollywood movie-makers.

This is a serious issue, which cannot be ignored.”

In response to the allegations, Bajrani Bhaira Entertainment, which produced The Bangerz, has issued a statement saying that the studio had been trying to protect its reputation by advertising films which have a high percentage of ad-safe content.

“Ada compliant sites like ours are not a problem for Bajrangi.

They have a history of complying with the guidelines of Adafruit’s ad-checker, and we hope that the content we have showcased will be accepted by the vast majority of people, including the porn industry,” it said.

Another Indian company, the Indian Digital Content Development Association (IDDA), has also raised concerns over the quality of its ad-supported sites, saying some of its brands had been “hacked”.

The industry’s largest consumer advocacy group, the Consumer Federation of India, has raised concerns about the quality and reliability of some of the Adafruits websites.

“There is no doubt that there are certain brands which have been hacked.

And if you are in the business of advertising and want to be a part of the conversation, then it is important that you check the authenticity of the sites that you are using,” said Kavita Krishnan, director general of consumer affairs, Consumers Federation of America.”

I have spoken to Adafrees in India who say that it is not possible for Adafres to check their quality, because of the way that they have been managed.

If someone is hacked, the person who has been hacked is no longer in the ad service, and thus, Adafree can no longer check the quality,” she added.

According to Adani, there are over 50,000 Ada certified sites on its websites.

The search giant said that Ada certification was being updated regularly, but did not give any


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