The Republican Party Has Been De-Stabilized by Trump’s Bipartisan Majority

The Republican Party Has Been De-Stabilized by Trump’s Bipartisan Majority

By Mike DeBonisDeBaca/Bloomberg/GettyImagesTrump’s party has been de-stabilized, thanks to a Republican-controlled Congress, a Democratic-controlled Senate, and a Democratic president.

But it’s not enough to win back the White House.

It’s also been decelerated by the loss of the House of Representatives, the election of a Democrat, and the collapse of Trump’s presidency.

The loss of Congress has been the most devastating blow for the Republican Party.

It has removed a legislative majority that is supposed to be the bulwark of the GOP’s legislative agenda.

Congress has taken away the power of the president to make laws, and in doing so, stripped the president of the power to act on his own.

It’s not just the president.

It is the legislative branch of government, the people who hold legislative power.

In this scenario, Congress becomes the rubber stamp for the president’s executive actions, which is why President Trump’s actions have been so dangerous for the country.

Republicans are losing control of the Senate.

The Senate has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and repeal the law’s requirement that health plans cover certain preventive services.

This has been a hallmark of Trumpcare, and now the Senate will vote to repeal Obamacare as well.

Senate Republicans are also trying to roll back the protections of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, which Democrats have repeatedly called a repeal of Obamacare.

In addition to all of these moves, the Senate has also voted to make it harder for businesses to hire and fire people.

Under Trump, there are no protections for workers.

The government now has the power not only to enforce its laws, but to stop companies from hiring or firing.

This could make it more difficult for people to find jobs, especially if there is an unemployment rate of over 10%.

In the next year or two, the United States could become more vulnerable to the economic crisis, which will hit the entire economy.

The next economic downturn will hit people harder than it did under Trump.

There is one silver lining to all this: If Democrats can recapture the Senate, it will be even more important for Republicans to pass the president an economic stimulus package, which they did with $1.5 trillion in additional economic growth in the last two years.

The Senate has been given carte blanche to enact a budget with a $1 trillion budget surplus.

This will allow Republicans to claim that the Democrats have not actually put forward a plan that balances the budget.

It will allow them to claim a “job-killing” budget that will destroy millions of jobs.

If they can’t get a surplus, they can claim the Democrats are responsible for their own economic collapse.

If Democrats lose the Senate and Republicans control the House, then the president will have to choose between spending a trillion dollars on a trillion-dollar stimulus package or spending a billion dollars on his first big legislative initiative, a tax cut.

The latter will almost certainly be less popular than the former.

The president has a choice between a trillion dollar stimulus package that would create a trillion jobs, and spending $1 billion on his tax cut which will do the exact opposite.

If he goes with the stimulus, he will lose the public’s trust in his ability to implement the tax cuts.

But if he opts for the tax cut, he can claim that he is actually implementing a tax increase on the American people.

Trump is now in the position of having to choose which of his many programs to implement first.

He needs to decide whether to take on the federal government, which would include the government’s spending, or take on a state, which has been more helpful in recent years.

In the coming weeks, Trump will have more time to weigh his options.

But for now, he is choosing between spending money on his stimulus package and giving more time and resources to the federal bureaucracy.

The next major test for the Trump presidency will come when the Supreme Court rules on whether or not to take up the case that is currently before the Supreme the Citizens United v.

FEC case.

That case is about a federal law that limits corporate campaign contributions and limits how much a candidate can raise in a year.

The ruling will likely come in the spring, which means that the next four months are critical for the GOP to get back in power.

Trump will likely have to make an emergency decision before the end of the year about how he wants to spend his time.

If his first priority is to get a deficit reduction bill passed, he could choose to take time to figure out which of the major legislation items on his agenda to sign.

If that fails, he would have to figure how to spend the rest of his time, which could include fighting the opioid crisis, dealing with the health care crisis, and potentially dealing with another crisis like the Zika virus.

If Trump is unable to get the House and Senate to pass a major legislative accomplishment this year, he has a very big chance of losing the presidency.


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