What we know about Chloe Tigre’s arrest

What we know about Chloe Tigre’s arrest

The federal investigation into former Toronto mayor Chloe Tigres arrest for her part in the alleged illegal street party in Toronto has expanded, with federal officials announcing the arrest of a Toronto police officer.

The officer was the second to be named in connection with the alleged crime.

Toronto police said the arrest was made Thursday.

A police spokesperson said Tigre was arrested after an investigation into the alleged party at a home in the city’s west end.

The police spokesperson did not elaborate.

Tigre, who was in the U.S. on business and will be extradited to Canada, was arrested on a charge of conspiracy to commit an indictable offence.

The warrant for her arrest said she is wanted for her participation in the unlawful gathering.

The Toronto police spokesperson confirmed Tigre is being charged in relation to an alleged illegal gathering on June 16.

The search warrant affidavit for the home of Tigres alleges the group gathered at the house in the 7200 block of East Gerrard Street in an attempt to organize an unlawful street party, the warrant says.

“According to police, the alleged unlawful gathering was facilitated by one or more individuals, who had been previously convicted of offences, including an assault charge, which Tigre allegedly participated in,” the warrant affidavit says.

The affidavit says Tigre and a group of others then drove to the home where they were allegedly present for the unlawful street event.

Police say one of the alleged participants in the illegal gathering told officers he was planning to “get the police involved,” and that he was a member of the group that planned the unlawful event.

The group allegedly went to a friend’s house and stayed at the friend’s home until it was late at night, police said.

At some point, a neighbour called police to report the unlawful party, police say.

Police searched the home and found two firearms and a firearm magazine with a loaded cartridge, police allege.

A firearm was found on the bed of the neighbour’s home, the affidavit says, and one of those firearms was later recovered at the scene.

The neighbour also reported the firearms to police and said they belonged to Tigre.

Tigres was taken into custody and was taken to the Queen Elizabeth hospital in downtown Toronto.

She was later released and returned to the U, the police spokesperson told the Star.

She is scheduled to appear in court for her first court appearance in a few weeks.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was not immediately available for comment.

The alleged illegal event occurred on the same day Tigres, a Liberal MP, was elected mayor in 2014.

She has since served in a variety of roles, including as mayor and mayor of Toronto, including serving as chief of staff to Ford.

A spokesperson for Tigres said she had no comment.

A source told CBC News that the group of people involved in the planned event were “very vocal and violent” and that Tigres has been a vocal critic of the Ford administration.

“The RCMP investigation is ongoing, but the Toronto Police Service is now taking swift action to bring to justice Ms. Tigrem’s alleged role in this event,” the spokesperson said.

Tigretres had been a regular presence in the downtown neighbourhood since 2013, when she joined the Liberal party.

She served as a campaign co-ordinator for Ford and later as a staffer to his then-chief of staff, David Price.

Ford appointed her to the top job in May 2015, and she served as his chief of security.

In May 2016, the Toronto Star reported that Ford had asked Tigretre to work with him on a $10-million plan to replace the city-owned Gardiner Expressway in the Toronto area.

The Gardiner is the main artery through the downtown core that provides transit service to many of the major cities in North America.

Ford had long promised to turn the highway into a public park, and had promised to build a new Gardiner to replace that highway, according to a leaked email obtained by the Star and shared with CBC News.

The emails show that Ford was concerned about traffic on the Gardiner, and was seeking Tigretretre’s advice on how to address traffic concerns.

A number of other senior Liberals in the Liberal Party and Ford’s staff had expressed concerns about the Gardiners safety, and Tigretras appointment was a signal that he had changed his mind.

Ford himself said on Twitter that Tigretrea was the right person to lead the project.

“Today we announced the appointment of Chloe Tigrem to lead our public works project in the heart of Toronto.

A real asset for the people of Toronto and Canada.

#CarsAndCities,” he wrote on June 18.

In an interview with CBC Radio’s Metro Morning on Tuesday, Tigretes defence lawyer, Chris Bevan, said that the allegations made against her were unfounded and untrue.

“Chloe has been on the Toronto police force for almost eight years and is a dedicated public servant,” Bevan said. “I’ve had


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