What you need to know about the NHL’s site ranking algorithm

What you need to know about the NHL’s site ranking algorithm

The NHL website ranking algorithm is the final piece of a puzzle to determine the overall popularity of a team.

The ranking algorithm evaluates a team’s popularity based on the number of people who visit its site, as well as the number who view that site from a mobile device.

The NHL website is ranked in the top 10 percent of the league’s sites, which means the average visitor visits its website twice each day.

If the average user visits the website five times per day, that’s four times the average visitors visits the NHL website.

The top 10% of sites get a boost in popularity by showing more ads and/or featuring more content.

This is because when people see a video or photo that they like, they’ll also click on it more often.

The rankings are calculated based on an analysis of more than 200,000 visitors each day and the number that visit the NHL.

The website ranking is not a final measure of a site’s popularity.

Rather, it’s an estimate of how much the site can help a team earn a higher ranking on a site.

The final algorithm ranking is based on a combination of site visits, site traffic and social media engagement.

The average website visit from an NHL fan is roughly 6.2 million per day.

The site traffic for an NHL team is roughly 2.7 million per year.

The social media activity for an NFL team is about 1.5 million per month.

The combined data for all these sites is about 7.1 million visitors per day and nearly 2.3 million users per year, according to a study by the NHL Players Association.

The players association and the NHLPA said their study was based on data from more than 600 NHL teams.

The numbers for the top ten teams are based on information from the NHL, the National Hockey League Players Association and the teams themselves.

The study found that when the NHL team that has the highest overall website traffic is in the bottom 10%, that team will have the lowest overall website ranking.

The highest ranking team in the rankings is the Washington Capitals, which has an average website traffic of 5,903 visitors per daily visitor, the study found.

The lowest ranking team is the New York Islanders, which had an average site traffic of 2,823 visitors per monthly visitor, and the lowest ranking in the ranking is the Chicago Blackhawks, which averages 2,069 visitors per month, according the study.

The team that averages the lowest site ranking is currently the Philadelphia Flyers, which ranked 16th in the NHL in terms of average visitors.

The Blackhawks rank 11th in terms to the top 25 NHL teams, but that number is up to 3.2 percent since the study was completed in April.

The Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers both rank 16th, but their website traffic has fallen by an average of nearly 7 percent since April, according.

The Kings rank 28th and the Capitals rank 28.

The Blackhawks, Islanders, Flyers and Rangers are in the 30s, but average visitor numbers have increased by an additional 6 percent.

The Ducks rank 26th and Capitals rank 29.

The Blues rank 26.5 and Predators rank 28, according an average visitor analysis by NHL analytics website Sportvisions.

The Los Angeles Kings rank 17th in average visitor counts, but the average visit has increased by 5 percent.

The Buffalo Sabres rank 26, but they average visitors have increased 5.3 percent.

If all of the teams in the study had the same website traffic, the rankings for the bottom ten would be the same, but with a slight increase in the Kings ranking, the Sabres ranking and the Kings.

The data shows that the top teams in terms, ranking would still have the same average visitor count as they did in April, which is a significant drop from the previous year when they averaged 2,000 visits per month per team.

But when it comes to rankings in terms both in terms and in terms per month in terms that they had a lower average visitor number in April and the same amount in the previous years, they’ve increased their rankings by about 4.5 percent.

So, with the NHL having a better website ranking in April than in April of 2016, there is some hope that the rankings will improve for teams in May.


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