How the NRA got a major gun maker to sell to them

How the NRA got a major gun maker to sell to them

The National Rifle Association, which is the largest gun rights group in the United States, has taken a large-scale, multi-billion-dollar public relations and lobbying campaign to convince manufacturers to sell firearms and ammunition to it.

The NRA’s goal is to make gun manufacturers sell their products at a discount to help fund gun violence prevention and research.

The effort has been led by the NRA’s president, Wayne LaPierre, and has involved more than 200 public relations agencies.

The campaign has taken the form of billboards and videos posted on social media and in magazines, as well as a petition drive and a series of television commercials.

It’s part of a concerted effort by the gun rights organization to get the attention of large corporations and manufacturers.

In some cases, the NRA has helped get gun makers to make products that will be sold at a reduced price.

It has worked to persuade other companies to do the same.

In September, the company that makes the popular M&P Shield pistol to make it available at gun shows.

The company’s president said in a statement that he and other company executives are “committed to helping those who need our help in keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and those who are violent.”

The company said it has “worked hard” to make the product available at show venues.

A spokeswoman for M&Ps maker, Ruger, declined to comment on the campaign.

A spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which represents the firearms industry, declined comment on its efforts to get manufacturers to make firearms that are sold at reduced prices.

“We continue to encourage our industry to work with our coalition partners and the National Rifle, and we will continue to advocate for meaningful gun control measures,” said Chris Cox, NSSF’s president.

In an interview with The Associated Press in March, LaPierre said the NRA wants manufacturers to have a higher profit margin than retailers.

He said the industry will have to change to make that happen.

The push is part of an effort by LaPierre to change the public perception of the organization.

He is seeking to change public perception about the NRA as well.

The group’s public relations efforts have included posting ads in newspapers and on television.

It also started posting its own Web sites and other social media channels to promote its positions.

In one case, it posted a video that was filmed at a gun show.

In another, it used the video to push its message on its website.

The videos also featured NRA executive vice president Stephen Stryker.

In a phone interview, Strykers said the video was taken from a gun dealer who had sold a gun at a local gun show to a customer who wanted to purchase it.

“This was done to help the dealer make a profit,” Stryks said.

He described the customer as “a guy who didn’t want to go to the show.

This was done in a way that was fair.”

In a statement, LaPres said that the video had been taken from the dealer’s perspective.

The gun dealer was trying to convince the customer to purchase the gun, but that the customer did not want to buy it.

LaPierre has called the video an example of how the NRA “has changed its tactics and has adopted a new brand,” including the “novelty of making a false statement that it is the only one” who can make guns in the U.S. “There is a growing perception that the NRA is no longer interested in a responsible gun owner and wants to control the Second Amendment rights of those who want to own a firearm,” LaPierre wrote.

LaPre said in the statement that the group is “working to change that perception.”


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